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GMP will do the research for you. On a continuous basis parenting research is reviewed to assist parents with questions and concerns. It will also provide information and activities to increase interactive parenting.

Facts About Parenting

Parenting education programs is one tool that could improve the quality of family relationships and increase the chances of positive outcomes for children (Bushfield, 2004).

Parents increased their confidence, developed better relationships with their children, and used successful behavior management techniques as a result of participating in parenting programs. (Patterson, Mockford, & Stewart-Brown, 2005)

Parenting Topics

Homework Heroes

As a former New York City Board of Education teacher one of our requirements was to give homework every night. Oh! Don’t forget about the 10-20-page holiday packet that included a project. Well every night and holiday may be a dream for a teacher but it is a nightmare for some parents. With the help from educators, established after school programs (SCORE) and don’t forget the parents we will give you a facet of ideas to try during homework time. Some of the target areas will include completing homework with multiple children, developing a routine and making homework fun.

Sibling Relationships

You were raised in the same house, sat at the dinner table together but you never knew each other. It is imperative that parents develop strong relationships within the home. Cultivating good relationships in the home increases the child’s ability to develop and identify good relationships in their future. Parent and children will discuss the effects of living with a sibling you do not have a relationship with.

Sample Questions:
  1. What are some activities that could build strong sibling relationships?
  2. What role does parents play that may hinder or enhance children relationships?
  3. How can you get the children involved to understand the importance of sibling relationships?


Many parents need to recognize the importance of communication and identify new ways to communicate with your families using various activities. Even though you raised them, how much do they know about you and how much do you know about them. Communication is difficult for many parents it is imperative that parents keep the lines of communication open and continuously try to maintain a dialogue.


It would benefit families across the nation to identify effective ways to discipline their children. Utilizing ineffective discipline methods could be detrimental to the life of a child. Parents must recognize their role when it comes to their children misbehaving. Interchanging the definition of discipline with self-control and responsibility is the goal. The way you discipline your children may have been a result of what you experienced with your parents.

Have you ever seen a child kicking and screaming in a public place?

What do you think about that?

Have you ever seen a child hitting and yelling at their parent?

How did it make you feel?

Did your child ever cause a scene in public? If so what did you do? How did you discipline them?

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