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GMP’s Childcare Professional Certification Program

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Successful and Creative Educational Strategies in school, home and the community

(10 Hours)

  • Communicate with multicultural teachers, parents and students to enhance school and community relationships
  • Incorporate routines to create positive and motivating environments in classrooms and communities
  • (3) Child Day Care Program Development
  • (5) Business Record Maintenance & Management
  • (7) Statutes & Regulations Pertaining to Child Day Care

Understanding Age Appropriate Behavior (10 Hours)

  • Establish safe and educational environments
  • Create positive activities, communication and discipline techniques to enhance family relationships
  • (4) Safety & Security Procedures
  • (6) Child Abuse & Maltreatment Identification & Prevention
  • (8) Statutes & Regulations Pertaining to Child Abuse & Maltreatment

Understanding Social & Emotional Development (10 Hours)

  • Identify skills to increase emotional and educational success
  • (1) Principles of childhood development
  • (2) Nutrition and health needs of infants and children
  • (9) Education and Information on the Identification, Diagnosis & Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome


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